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        We at O'Connell Chiropractic are a family owned chiropractic office that has strongly been growing for over 30 years. The office is built around a desire to educate people about their bodies, focusing on your natural ability to heal and self-regulate. With everyone in charge of their own lives, this office is meant to act as a wheelhouse for the captain of your ship, and that’s you. 

        Rather than view the body as a bunch of individual parts, we see it as a whole that must work together at all times. When each area of the body is moving together in harmony they create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Proper spinal motion is the catalyst to efficient healing. For this reason, we always prioritize how you are healing over how you are hurting. We hope to earn your trust and the opportunity to work with you to impact your life in a positive manner. 

Headshot Dad.png
Dr. Keith O'Connell
Founder of the practice and its vision. Utilizing his own technique and analysis has provided chiropractic care for over 30 years.
Headshot Kyle.png
Dr. Kyle O'Connell
Oldest son of the chiropractic family. Has a patient and results driven approach that provides great improvement each visit.
Headshot Cory.png
Dr. Cory O'Connell
Youngest son of the chiropractic family. With energy and effectiveness he aims to provide the best results possible every visit.

Our Staff

Headshot Jean.png
Jean Paras
Our longest tenured member. Jean is the office general manager and handles all insurance activity.
Headshot Kathy.png
Kathi Puglise
Handles all front desk activity from scheduling to payments. Also helps with insurance processing and questions.
Headshot Siobhan.png
Siobhan Troya
Works the front desk, checking patients in and catering to each patient personally. Also brings the fun with her seasonal outfits. 
Clinic Information

Will I see the Doctor the first visit?

- Yes, the only person you will be receiving care from each visit will be the Doctor.


How long is a visit?


- First and second visits will be approximately 30 minutes. Subsequent visits will be 15-20 minutes.

Do we work with other Doctors?


- No, not directly. Although if your complaint is out of our scope of care we will be happy to refer you to the correct type of doctor. 

Appointment flexibility?

- A phone call regarding lateness, cancellation or desired time change is appreciated. We have no problem providing a time that works best for you. If you arrive early we will do our best to accommodate you but will prioritize patients who have scheduled that time slot.

Billing Insurance?

- It is your responsibility to understand how your insurance works. As a courtesy we check your benefits and do our best to inform you on remaining deductibles and co-pays.

Are we related?

- Yes, father and sons.

Any other sons?

- No, not that we know of.

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